Friday, August 17, 2007

Well, that went down the toilet fast.

I've blown so far past my self-imposed deadline that I can't even see it anymore!

I say "self-imposed" because I actually have all the time I need to finish my first project. After I turn that one in, then the deadlines appear every 30 days.

I promised some photos so I'm going to post a few so you can see what I'm working on. The first project is simple; it's a Western. Design a character and draw him in three panels.

First: the character...

.. this is just a cowboy I drew to get used to drawing hats on a fella. Not that impressive.

He's just too generic for me. I've wasted alot of time trying to figure out something more dynamic.

This is better but he still isn't quite there. I wanted to do something different so I decided to go all "Zatoichi" with him. He's a blind gunfighter. How cool is that?

Again, I wasted a boatload of time working out his backstory when I just should have been drawing.

I liked this idea so I found some model reference (Bruce Willis) and went to town. These are preliminary sketches that will be fleshed out next week for the final page.

Lastly, here's a rough of the final page with the 3 Panel Sequence at the bottom. Next week, I'll post the final product and go through the sequence for you.

Smell ya later!


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